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Up to £50 Cashback on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2*
Posted by Ryan Zeb on 20 11 2012 02:46 PM

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Cashback

Buy selected Samsung tablets now and you can enjoy cashback and other rewards. Promotions include:

  • Galaxy Note 10.1" - £50/€50 cashback
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" - £50/€50 cashback
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7" - £30/€30 cashback PLUS a free 8GB Micro SD card


Visit the Samsung cashback website for more information. Offers valid till 31/12/2012

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Server outage 18/08/2012
Posted by Ryan Zeb on 19 08 2012 02:10 AM

Our website was affected by a major failure at our hosts data centre lasting a total of 13 hours. The incident affected our server from 13:00 on Saturday 18/08/2012 and lasted until 02:00 on 19/08/2012. Our website remained inaccessible during this time.

All services have been restored as normal now.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Brother Special Offers for August 2012
Posted by Ryan Zeb on 17 08 2012 06:53 AM
Brother Special Offers August 2012
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Get up to £50 cashback on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Posted by Ryan Zeb on 17 08 2012 06:45 AM

Get £50 cash back on our 10" Samsung Galaxy 2 Tabs and £30 cash back on our 7" Galaxy Tab 2, It's the tablet that fits your life.

See our Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablets. While stocks last.

Cash back offer valid until 30/08/2012. Click here for more information.

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Simply purchase a qualifying Samsung Laptop, Printer or SSD from a to be eligible to claim back the VAT on your purchase. Purchases must be made during the promotional period of 28th March to 7th May 2012.

See below for qualifying product SKU's or visit our Samsung Vat Offer page

530U NP530U3B-A01UK
530U NP530U4B-A01UK
530U NP530U3B-A03UK
530U NP530U4B-A02UK
550P NP550P5C-A02UK
550P NP550P5C-S03UK
550P NP550P7C-S02UK
700Z NP700Z5A-A01DX
700Z NP700Z5A-S02UK
700Z NP700Z5A-S01UK
700Z NP700Z5A-A02DX
700Z NP700Z5A-S05UK
700Z NP700Z5A-A01UK
700G NP700G7A-S01UK
700G NP700G7A-S02UK
700G NP700G7C-S01UK
700T XE700T1A-A01UK
700T XE700T1A-A03UK
700T XE700T1A-H01UK
900X NP900X3A-B01UK
900X NP900X3A-B02UK
900X NP900X3A-B03UK
900X NP900X3A-B04UK
900X NP900X3B-A01UK
900X NP900X4C-A01UK
RF711 NP-RF511-A01DX
RF711 NP-RF511-S03UK
RF711 NP-RF511-A01UK
RF711 NP-RF511-A02DX
RF711 NP-RF511-A03DX
RF711 NP-RF711-S05UK
RF711 NP-RF711-S06UK
RF711 NP-RF711-S07UK


Colour Laser Multifunction CLX-3185
Colour Laser Multifunction CLX-3185FN
Mono Laser Multifunction SCX-3405
Colour Laser Multifunction CLX-3185FW


Series 3 LED Display 24" S24A300B
Series 3 LED Display 22" S22A350
Series 3 LED Display 24" S24A350
Series 7 LED Display 23" S23A700D
Series 3 LED HDTV 24" T24A350


Desktop MZ-7PC256D/E
Desktop MZ-7PC512D/E
Notebook MZ-7PC256N/E
Notebook MZ-7PC512N/E

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